Samha S Ndossy

Hey, Wassup, Hello! for those who don’t know my name is Samha S Ndossy and I am the creator of  Rehema.The.Blog. I’m 20 years old Tanzanian studying in the United Kingdom. I am currently studying Journalism and Public Relation at the University of the West of England (UWE).

I started the blog after my mom said I should find something to do with my life (LOL). I found it funny cause she thought I was lazying around in my PJ’s watching series all day. Ok maybe to a certain extent that image isn’t far from the truth, but what did she except from me. I was broke (again) in Bristol with nothing really planned. So I took  her advice, opened my curtains and let the bright light hit my very messy room. I sat on my desk and started to think, this took a while as I hadn’t used my brain since uni finished. Then as I was flipping through my text book for inspiration I saw in big bold letters GOAL FOR THE SUMMER START A BLOG.

However the more time passed the more it felt impossible. I am not a blogger I can barely spell and I don’t live/  can afford  these exciting lives I see bloggers live. I am NOT interesting enough for people to care about my opinions and recommendations on certain topics. But as I sat down I started to think about the reason why I should start a blog. Yes I am not a jet setter but I am not so boring either (I hope) . I have unique perspective, I am foreign student in a foreign land that has completely different culture, and ideology than what I am use to. And I am not alone  allot of my friends are in the same boat. International students trying not to get lost in the cities they now call home. That is the whole aim of Rehema.The.Blog helping other university students just like me, figure out university and life in general. But this won’t only be aimed at only international students but generally all university students everywhere in the world.


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