Praying for England

I don’t think I have to explain how the world has turned upside down lately. The recent terrorist attacks in Manchester and in London have left me speechless. I have friends and family in both cities and I’m glad to say they are all safe.

I think the release of Super Women is perfect timing, seeing how the world is in need of saving.

Today Brits go to the polls to decide the future of their country. I really want to encourage people to go and vote.  As an international student studying in the UK, the election effects me and I can’t help but hold my breath.  A lot of the issues concerning immigration, security,  health, and taxes etc will have a ripple effect no matter if you are British national or not.

With the recent terrorist attack in London, emotions such as fear and anger are at an all time high. People are looking for someone to blame and it can be easy to classify a group of people as the root of the problem. However,  I believe hate can not win over hate and voting in favor of hate won’t give you the outcome you want.

I don’t want to put my own bias opinion on who the better party is, but I think it’s important that you know where your party stands on those issues.

Therefore I wish all my UK friends good luck. I understand the decision is not straightforward and I think the fact that you are voting shows tremendous commitment in trying to improve the politics in the UK.

If you are living in Bristol and you don’t know where the registered polling station are? Visit the Bristol City Council Website

If you live outside of Bristol make sure to visit Where do I Vote website.



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