The Peak and the Pit of Second Year

Second year it was good knowing you

      To say that second year went by so quickly is an understatement. It’s only been 3 months since Christmas break and just last week I submitted my final essay of the year.  Is no one else concerned? I’ m officially halfway through university.

Right, after I submitted my final essay, I was sitting in the library feeling relaxed. Only for that feeling to be replaced with a feeling of anxiety, of the inevitable results. I sat there calculating the possible outcomes and suddenly I felt like I was in the dark hole in Get Out, slowly falling further and further away from the light.  Then my thoughts led to the entire school year and I started self-evaluating myself. Did I accomplish everything I set out to do? Or did I fall into the same ditches I always do? I would never say I didn’t accomplish anything in university because that would me I never left my room. But, I can be honest with myself, and see where I didn’t try hard enough.

The Pit: Not staying focused.

I’m kind of known for having a short attention span. In my opinion, I think a lot of millennial’s do. We don’t like a long introduction, we want to get the meat of the problem and dig into that. So want I mean by lack of focus is sometimes my ability of not staying focused on the initial problem and putting my energy somewhere else. Towards the end of the school year, I found myself with a lot of work to do and feeling like there wasn’t any time to get it all done. Some people would think I got lazy, didn’t do the work ahead of time, and now you are feeling rushed. I can confidently say that is not what I did. I know myself and I don’t like the chaos of finishing work last minute. To be honest I started planning and thinking about my assignments days before the deadlines. I had a schedule and plan all put together. But I didn’t stay focus to my plan and suffered some my minor setback, my laptop not responding and my phone getting lost. I felt overwhelmed and collapsed into this world of panic and depression.

The Peak: Getting comfortable in my surrounding

I know this doesn’t sound like a HUGE accomplishment. You would think I had a whole year to get comfortable in university and in Bristol. However, my introduction to Bristol was rushed. When I arrived at Manchester airport at 10 am I had until 4 am to get to Bristol and then to the registration office, or else my student visa wouldn’t be valid. When I finally started classes, everyone in my year had already grouped up so I was alone for awhile. I know it sounds like a cliché international student feels alone in a new city.  And while I have been lucky to travel, I wasn’t truly alone. My sister was always around I always knew someone in the city. Being able to adjust to any new environment is not easy. So when I started to know my way around Bristol and stopped asking random people for directions I took it as a huge accomplishment. I gained friends and moved in with a friend I felt comfortable with. I have seen first hand what happens when you feel out of place and how it can leave you feeling alone and depressed. Being able to call another city your home means that you feel safe. Because there is no place like home.


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